Asian Cultures and Japan Tour


Day 1: Flight from LAX to Tokyo Check in to hotel, dinner, explore the area

Day 2: Tokyo–Senso-Ji; Ghibli Museum

Day 3: Tokyo—Sumo practice; MORI digital art museum

Day 4: Yokohama—Sankien Garden, Chinatown

Mt. Fuji

Day 5: Mount Fuji; return to Tokyo

Day 6: Flight Tokyo to Naha, Explore Naha, Drive to Yomitan-San, check in to hotel, Sunset at Cape Zanpa

Day 7: Group 1—Surf, Group 2–SUP adventure; Snorkel Blue Cave, Group 3—Historical Tour, Zikama Ruins, Waterfall hike

Blue Cove

Day 8: Group 1—Historical Tour, Zikama Ruins, Waterfall hike, Group 2—Surf, Group 3–SUP adventure, Snorkel Blue Cave

Day 9: Group 1–SUP adventure, Snorkel Blue Cave, Group 2—Historical tour, Zikama Ruins, Waterfall hike, Group 3—Surf

Day 10: Return flight to LAX

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