Back-Country Guide Services

Contract Back-Country Guide Services Needed

The role of Back-country Guide is an ‘on the ground’ contract position at 4Points Expeditions. Contractor will provide delivery of services for specific backpacking programs. Contractors with special knowledge and experience at Grand Canyon National Park, currently our premier backpacking destination will be given priority over contract guides who do not. All other Back-country experience is welcome.

Contract Backpacking Guides are tasked with the professional, safe, conscientious leadership of 4Points client groups in a backcountry setting. Our expectation is that qualified staff will provide the best possible client experience at all times. Success on our trips is not measured in reaching a specific campground or viewpoint; rather in the safe delivery of clients to their end location. Guides must be capable of making leadership decisions based on sound judgment, problem-solving and decisiveness. 

Pre-Trip Services:

  1. Provide proof of adequate training and certification levels to adhere to policies set for guides by The National Park Service. This includes maintaining all appropriate certifications as needed
  2. Knowledge of areas traveled including: Local history; geography and geology; flora and fauna; routes and terrain; weather patterns;  campsites;  use and general maintenance of all equipment; first aid and rescue options if necessary.
  3. Informing the Backpacking Program Coordinator of any issues that could prevent a safe working environment for the contract guides or clients.

The contracted individual providing these services will interact closely with support staff in the event of an emergency or change to itinerary,(Backpacking Program Coordinator, assistant guides, administrative personnel etc).

Other essential services needed:

  1. In depth knowledge of the locations we guide
  2. Knowledge of use and maintenance of all trip equipment
  3. Understanding of all permit requirements and regulations
  4. Knowledge of our menu, meal preparation and food safety
  5. Ability to think on your feet and problem-solve in extreme conditions

The Contract Backpacking Guide must maintain AT ALL TIMES the certification and training required of these services.

  1. Contractors must be currently certified as a WEMT (preferred) or WFR (acceptable)
  2. Contractors must be currently certified with Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR
  3. Contractors must be currently certified as an authorized guide with Grand Canyon National Park
  4. Contractors must be capable of running REMOTE programs, completely unsupported

Contract Backpacking Guides understand and accept the risks inherent in the services they will be providing. Guides further understand the salary and work hours associated with Back country trip leadership. This may entail long hours without breaks; no guarantee of time off for meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) based on circumstances; No guarantee of adequate sleep or rest during programs; and the guide may be placed in situations of personal danger including rescue of clients, exposure to elements, dangerous flora and fauna, dangerous terrain and natural disasters.

The salary for Backpacking Guides during the 2019 season will be $200.00/day. Each day is calculated as 24 hours. Additional salary for travel to and from Grand Canyon National Park will be pro-rated on an estimated 10 hours of travel time each way. A $50 stipend for travel expenses is available.

Local trips for day-hikes [within a 2 hour range from Ventura, CA] will be paid at a flat rate of $150.00 per day.


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