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First Aid Training – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. First aid course.

Get the skills to SAVE A LIFE!

CPR and AED training provide the building blocks for any rescue, in the backcountry or on Main Street USA. 4Points proudly offers American Heart Association CPR and AED courses. Whether you need it to apply for a job, for personal knowledge, or as a professional provider, we can help!

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Wilderness First Aid

You CAN be ready for the unexpected! Strengthen your outdoor knowledge with this nationally-recognized 16 hour first aid course. We give you the confidence to evaluate, stabilize and treat wilderness emergencies. This course is perfect for students, teachers, or outdoor adventurers!

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Wilderness First Responder

If you’re serious about the outdoors, this is the class for you! The Wilderness First Responder is the ‘gold standard’ in wilderness emergency medicine. Designed to prepare you to provide advanced emergency care, this course is 80 hours of skill sessions, hands-on training and practical scenarios. AWESOME!

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