Grand Canyon Packing List

You should plan to wear or have with you clothing that will be appropriate to the season and location where we will be backpacking. PACK LIGHT—YOU’LL BE CARRYING YOUR GEAR! If you have questions regarding trip weather, please contact us.

Recommended Clothing
  • Sturdy hiking boots, mid-weight, lug-soled, above the ankle (for backpacking trips), and ideally well broken in. Important note: Buy your boots ½ to one-size larger than your street shoes to allow for feet swelling and thicker socks
  • Brimmed sunhat and bandana
  • Rain shell, waterproof/breathable jacket, lightweight rain gear top and bottom (Monsoon—June to September)
  • Warm top, such as a long-sleeved sweater or Fleece jacket (Necessary for South Rim only NOT inside canyon)
  • Two quick dry T shirts for protection from the sun, light colors are nice because they’re cooler than dark colors
  • One quick dry long sleeved shirt
  • Long pants, one pair of quick dry leggings, pants or lightweight trousers to block sun and give warmth at night
  • Shorts, two pair, nylon is nice for light weight and to substitute as a bathing suit
  • Underwear 3-4 pair
  • Sandals for camp (MUST be type that can be secured to your feet)
  • Hiking socks, one pair for every two days of your trip. We recommend padded socks (wearing a thin liner sock under your hiking socks is highly recommended). No cotton socks!!
  • On Hotel-based and Back Country Trips Only: a small duffel bag or backpack with extra hiking clothes and casual clothes.
  • On Back Country Trip Only: One SMALL towel
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • Long underwear, one pair of wicking tops and bottoms that are lightweight to midweight, example wicking materials include capilene, polypropylene, etc. Note: doesn’t apply to Hotel-based Tours.
  • Additional fleece jacket or insulated coat, warm, lightweight and packable fleece jacket or coat insulated with synthetic material
  • Rain pants, waterproof/breathable pant
  • Backpack—Must be capable of holding gear for at least 5 days
  • Three Water Bottles MINIMUM—1 liter or larger (this is ESSENTIAL)
  • Sleeping Pad—open or closed cell foam, either is okay
  • Sleeping Bag—LIGHTWEIGHT and sleeping bag liner
  • Camp pillow, lightweight, pack-able camp pillow. Note: doesn’t apply to Hotel-based and Back Country Tours.
  • Contact lenses and glasses if you wear contact lenses please also bring a pair of glasses – your contacts are likely to become dirty and may be difficult to clean
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen (30+ SPF), lip balm
  • Headlamp, (preferably an L.E.D. type that works with AA or AAA batteries) NO FLASHLIGHTS—Spare batteries are REQUIRED
  • Toiletries, and a small washcloth in stuff sack (bandana can serve as a washcloth)
  • Journal light weight (optional)
  • Vitamins (optional)
  • Notebook, drawing supplies, or paperback book (optional)
  • Camera, spare batteries (optional)
  • Prescription medicine (please inform trip leader of any medications you are taking)
  • Knee braces, if needed
  • Insect repellent (VERY small bottle—bugs are NOT a problem inside the canyon)