Day 1: Arrive In Israel, Depart to Chispin. Take a beautiful walk at Banais Waterfall, followed by lunch and a stunning view of Mt. Bental

Day 2: Hike the beautiful canyon of Golan Heights, then visit Tzfat, the old 16th century Ancient City. Finish the day at Meron Mountain Mystical City, where you will explore the lush hill country of Galilee.

Day 3: Morning starts with a fun raft building activity on Dugit Beach, Sea of Galilee, then Majrase Water hike through a lush nature reserve on Golan.

Day 4: Visit Yad Vashem Israel’s Largest Holocaust Memorial and Mount Hertzl National Cemetery. Next is a Scavenger hunt at the Jerusalem Zoo followed by dinner and miniature golf and bowling.

Day 5: Lake TLV – Largest Water Skiing site in Israel, Ganei Yehoshua Park Amazing Race, then lunch in Tel Aviv and a tour of the Old City of Jaffa and Blind Museum.

Day 6: See the City of David, have lunch and go shopping in Yehuda Market, then Visit the Western Wall.

Day 7: Full Saturday Program and Tour, VIP Cinema City

Day 8: ATVing in Judean Desert followed by lunch at Kalia Beach on the Dead Sea. Next is Sailing and kayaks on the Dead Sea and Camel Riding & Beduin Hospitality at Kfar Ha Nokdim.

Day 9: Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site and Ein Gedi: David Waterfall. Have lunch at Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, followed up by swimming and floating in the Dead Sea.

Day 10: Extreme water sports on the Red Sea, Pizza and shopping at Eiat Promenade, then a Boat Cruise and snorkeling on the Red Sea with a hike on the Red Canion of the Eiat Mountains.

Day 11: Mount Tzfochot Sunrise Hike, then Top 94, the highest indoor rock climbing wall in Israel. Next is Rappelling on Machtesh Ramon’s Cliff, and shopping at Ben Yehuda Midrechov

Day 12: Deport to Airport, flight back to US.

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