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Hiking the Grand Canyon

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Take the trip of a lifetime by choosing one of our amazing hikes. Guided Trips meet the day before departure near Bright Angel Lodge. Time and exact location will be provided by your guide.

We customize the daily itinerary for you so you can experience every detail. Included in your fees: Backpack, Sleeping Bag and pad, Tents, Trekking Poles, Water Bottles, plus all Meals and Snacks!

Day 1: Trips meet at Bright Angel lodge in Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim. The meeting time is arranged with your guide. All equipment for trip handed out and final route information provided and any personal equipment purchases completed as needed.

Day 2: Meet by 6 am at Bright Angel Lodge to begin our hike into the canyon. We hike between 5-10 miles per day depending on route and campsites specific to your trip. Campsite setup and relax by the river, taking in the incredible views!

Day 3: Breakfast and then either return to South Rim (3 day trip); continue hiking (5 + day trips); or depending on itinerary and routes, day hike to the Colorado River (4 day trip) and spend the day exploring, swimming and relaxing. Enjoy an amazing dinner and evening relaxing/preparing for the next day!

Day 4: Breakfast and continue hiking (5 + day trips) or begin return hike to South Rim and Grand Canyon Village (4 day trip). If trip continues, move to next campsite, enjoying the vistas of the inner canyon. Set up camp and explore our new camping area!

Day 5: Early breakfast then hike back to South Rim and Grand Canyon Village. Most final days of hiking will be around 5 miles with a maximum of 10 miles. This will be based on routes chosen and strength of the group. For 6 day trips we prepare to hike out. For 7 + day trips prepare to continue to our next campsite!