Wilderness First Responder

(WFR- 80 hours, 7 days)

If you’re serious about the outdoors, this is the class for you. The Wilderness First Responder is considered the ‘gold standard’ in wilderness medicine. This course is 80 hours of skill sessions, hands-on training, and practical scenarios. Designed specifically to prepare you to provide advanced emergency care, this is perfect for those leading groups in a wilderness setting.

Course Topics

Identifying life threatening injuries Patient Evaluation and Assessment Vital signs, Physical Exam, and Patient History Traumatic Injuries Bleeding and shock Spinal and Head Injuries Cardio-thoracic Trauma Fractures, Sprains, and Dislocations

Medical Emergencies Breathing Emergencies, Heart Attack, and Stroke Bites, Stings and Allergic Reactions Lightning and Drowning Altitude Illnesses and Emergencies Environmental Emergencies (Heat, Cold, Lightning, Drowning) Back-country Survival and Long-Term Patient Care Group Management and Evacuation

WFR courses are eligible for EMT Refresher hours.

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Wilderness First Responder (WFR): $795.00

WFR Re-certification: $235

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Effective January 1, 2020, only students holding current SOLO WFR cards will be allowed to re-certify their Wilderness First Responder in the 2-day Wilderness First Aid program. 

WFR cards from other agencies must re-certify through our two-day WFR review course.

If your WFR is from an organization which is not on our approved list, you will receive a course completion certification which you can present to your initial certifying agency to re-certify.

For more details please call us at 805-320-7602, or email us at info@4pointsguides.com.

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